Understanding the Important of Grease Trap Cleaning

If you own or operate a restaurant, you can’t afford to shut down during peak service hours. Unfortunately, if you don’t get your grease traps cleaned you might not have a say in the matter. Grease trap cleaning is crucial in preventing major problems from developing, particularly with regard to problems that can affect your bottom line. Cleaning grease traps is never easy or pleasant, but that’s no excuse not to have them cleaned regularly—just hire a company that provides commercial grease trap cleaning in Bergen County ! Here are some the top reasons to keep your grease traps cleaned.

Avoid Fines
There are numerous possible hazards that can develop if grease trap interceptors are not properly cared for. The oily waste that collects in the grease trap takes a very long time to break down and decompose, which means it can become rancid and toxic. If the grease traps are not properly cleaned they will not drain properly, which can cause all sorts of health risks. It’s for this reason that the city may impose a fine on restaurants that do not have exceptionally clean grease traps.

Provide a Healthy Work Environment
Grease build up can also affect the work environment for your employees. Plumbing backups and leaking grease deposits can cause the people who spend the most time in your restaurant to become ill. Not only will you have a hard time keeping your restaurant properly staffed during business hours but you may even face a lawsuit if an employee becomes ill as a result of your negligence to keep the grease trap clean.

Keep Your Customers Happy
A clogged grease trap can quickly result in a plumbing emergency that may force you to shut down unexpectedly, even in the middle of a busy lunch or dinner rush. Asking your patrons to cut their meals short because of a plumbing emergency won’t win your restaurant any favorable reviews or opinions, so schedule grease trap cleaning and pumping in Bergen County before any major problems develop.

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