The Importance of Grease Trap Cleaning

Commercial grease trap cleaning

Every restaurant is required to install a grease trap to prevent grease from entering the public waste system or the septic system attached to the business. This is mandated by states because grease can clog plumbing lines and harm sewer systems. Zuidema Septic Service is qualified to clean commercial grease traps in Wyckoff and can help your business clean yours today.

You should strongly consider cleaning your grease trap every one to three months in order to prevent grease from building up inside of it. The length between cleanings depends on the type of restaurant you run, the amount of grease that you have in your trap, and your own personal preference. Grease must be disposed of properly, though, so you should use a company like ours to clean your grease trap. When you call on Zuidema Septic Service, we will offer you our excellent plumbing services and make sure that we get your grease trap as clean as it can possibly be so you don’t run into any plumbing problems in the future.

Grease Trap

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