The Consequences of Avoiding Septic Tank Maintenance

Septic Tank Maintenance in NY & NJ

As a homeowner, you will be charged with scheduling many household maintenance appointments for your property. For properties that are attached to septic tank systems, septic tank inspection and inspection are among the most critical appointments that can be scheduled for the home. A company that offers septic tank pumping in Ridgewood and Wyckoff can provide you with the routine septic tank repair that your system needs to remain in safe, functional condition throughout the years. To highlight the importance of scheduling septic service, here is a look at some of the dangerous consequences of avoiding septic tank maintenance.

Polluted Water Sources Septic Tank Maintenance

Maintaining your septic tank is important for both you and the community that surrounds your property. When a septic tank is not properly maintained, it may begin to overflow into the drain field that is adjacent to the septic system. As raw, untreated sewage leaks from the tank, it can contaminate rivers, streams, and other water sources in the area. Regular septic tank maintenance will ensure that your community’s water sources remain pure and clean.

Contaminated Household Spaces

An improperly maintained septic tank could put you and your family members at risk of being exposed to harmful pathogens. Without regular maintenance, a septic system may start to back up into a home’s toilet and plumbing fixtures. When wastewater enters your home, it can bring along very harmful bacteria and pathogens. Having your septic tank pumped at regular intervals can help you prevent a raw sewage emergency in your home.

Damaged Plumbing System

If you neglect septic tank maintenance for too long, you may eventually be faced with extensive and costly plumbing repairs. The longer you wait to have your septic tank pumped, the more extensive your repair procedure will be. In order to avoid the hassles of having to perform emergency repairs on your home’s septic system, you will want to set up professional maintenance procedures every few years. Preventative maintenance will preserve your septic tank for decades to come.

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