The Different Parts of Your Septic System

Septic System

While septic tanks are common features on properties around Bergen County, many homeowners have little to no idea about the different components that make up their septic systems. Learning about your septic system can help you determine when your system is in need of septic inspection or septic tank repair near Midland Park. By setting up a septic inspection before a serious problem occurs in your septic system, you can help avoid the need for costly repair services down the line. Read on for a review of some of the most essential parts of your home’s septic system.

Wastewater Pipe Septic System

Whenever you flush the toilet in your house, the water will enter a main wastewater pipe. This pipe is responsible for delivering all of the wastewater from your home into your septic tank. In the event that this pipe cracks or becomes clogged, you could be faced with a serious plumbing emergency on your property. During a septic inspection, your technician can take a look at the quality and condition of your home’s wastewater pipe.

Septic Tank

Of all of the parts of a septic system, the septic tank is perhaps the most familiar. During a septic installation, the septic tank will be buried at a key location on the property. The septic tank is designed to safely house the wastewater that is generated by your household. As wastewater sits in the septic tank, it will naturally separate into liquid and solid waste. At periodic intervals, you will need to hire a septic company to pump all of the waste out of your tank.

Leach Field or Drain Field

The area surrounding a septic tank is known as a leach field or drain field. After liquid wastewater has had a chance to be treated in the septic tank, it will naturally flow out into the drain field. In order to accommodate a household’s water supply, a drain field may be augmented with gravel or other materials that will help to encourage proper drainage. A flooded drain field could indicate a septic tank that needs to be pumped immediately.

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