Is Your Septic System Going to Fail?

Septic Tank Maintenance in NY & NJ

Millions of households around the country rely on septic systems for their wastewater disposal needs. If your home is connected to a septic tank, you will want to make sure that you schedule regular septic inspection and treatment services for your property. A company that offers septic tank pumping near Wyckoff can help you preserve and maintain your system. In the event that you neglect septic tank repair for too long, you could run the risk of experiencing total septic system failure. To help you identify when it is time for emergency repairs, here is an overview of three signs that your septic system is about to fail.

Sewage Backup  Septic System

In the event that your septic system reaches the point of failure, you may start to notice sewage backing up into your toilets and drains. While sewage backup is an extreme example of septic problems, you may be able to spot the signs of backflow before it is too late to schedule repairs. If you have started to notice that your toilets flush more slowly than usual, you will want to schedule an immediate septic inspection.

Flooded Drain Field

The area around your septic tank is commonly referred to as the drain field. The drain field is designed to absorb any excess liquid that flows out of the top of your septic tank. While some amount of water is normal for any drain field, a flooded drain field is a cause for concern. If your septic tank is flooding your backyard, you may be ready to schedule a replacement.

Contaminated Well Water

If your home contains both a septic tank and well system, you will want to check your well water for signs of contamination. The presence of bacteria, nitrates, and other contaminants in your well water may be an indication that your septic system is about to fail. Taking the time to repair septic problems before they get too serious will help you avoid the need for an emergency septic system replacement procedure.

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