What to Know About Your Septic System

Zuidema Septic Service

Whether or not you’re up for a septic inspection near Bergen County or Midland Park, there are some things you should know about your septic system. Not everyone has a septic tank, so many homeowners are not exactly sure how to keep the system functioning properly. Watch this video clip for a look at what to know about your septic system.

What you need to know about your septic system is how to use it, because using it improperly can lead to all kinds of complications. When you use the bathroom, make sure that waste and toilet paper are the only materials that you flush; this means no diapers, feminine products, or paper towels. You should also keep coffee grounds, tea bags, and the like out of your disposal system. Be careful with your kitchen cleaners, and call a professional plumbing service whenever you need help with a septic system problem.

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