Common Causes of Septic System Failures

Septic Tank Maintenance in NY & NJ

Do you have a septic tank system near Ridgewood ? If so, then you may realize that maintaining it can be essential for its long-term effectiveness. If you’re looking for ways to help keep your septic system in good condition, then knowing what you should avoid is important. Read on to learn about some common causes of septic system failures.

An Overloaded Water System Common Causes of Septic System Failures

When a household generates more wastewater than its septic system is designed to handle, this can cause sewage to seep up to the surface of the soil or back up into the home through drains. This is because the liquid is forced to go somewhere if too much water enters the system at once. Running multiple appliances at one time, having leaky toilets, or performing consecutive loads of laundry can overload the septic tank’s water system and lead to failure.

Physical Damage to the System

When too much pressure is put on the soil over your septic system, this can shift or crush pipes and compact the soil. Common causes of this type of problem are parking, driving, or performing construction over the system. Also, tree roots can cause physical damage to the system, so plant grass and shrubs in the area, rather than trees.

A Lack of Maintenance

Scheduling regular septic inspections is critical for the ongoing performance of the system. Most households need a septic inspection every 3 years and to have their septic tank pumped every 3 to 5 years. A lack of maintenance can allow small problems to become significant ones and lead to failure.

Poor Design or Construction

When installed or designed improperly, a septic system is doomed from the outset. Some common construction and design problems that are seen in failed septic systems include installation in impermeable soils, inadequate sizing, poor construction, soil layers that are too thin, and grading that is too steep for the system to perform correctly. Finally, installing a septic system when the soil is oversaturated with moisture or compacted after home construction can lead to its failure later.

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