Portable Toilets we offer in New York & New Jersey

Construction Unit PJN3

The PJN3 is the ideal portable toilet for a wide range of venues, including both residential and commercial worksites in Wyckoff. It’s also commonly used at outdoor events like fairs and music festivals. The PJN3 is compact and smartly designed, and it’s lightweight enough to be easily transportable. Whatever your outdoor toilet needs might be, the PJN3 is a great all-around choice.

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PJN3 - Portable toilet for worksite in New JerseyPJN3 - Portable toilet for worksite in New JerseyPJN3 - Portable toilet for worksite in New JerseyPJN3 - Portable toilet for worksite in New Jersey

Comfort XL

The Comfort XL is specially designed to fit the needs of individuals who are physically or mobility impaired. It offers a roomy interior of more than 16 sq. ft., a self-closing door, and interior handrails for safety. For individuals who are looking for a comfortable and sanitary portable restroom, the Comfort XL is a top-of-the-line product.

Comfort XL Portable Toilets by Zuidema Septic ServiceComfort XL Toilets by Zuidema Septic Service

Deluxe Unit

The Deluxe Unit sets the industry standard for premium portable toilets. It’s a luxurious restroom space that offers 24% more floor space than similar portable toilets, along with first-class amenities such as a sink. It’s the perfect choice for special events and high-end venues in Midland Park that require the best portable restroom options available. The Deluxe Unit is available in both flush and non-flush models.

Portable Toilets by Zuidema Septic ServiceDelux Portable Toilets by Zuidema Septic ServicePJN3 Portable Toilets by Zuidema Septic Service

Satellite Grey Unit

Satellite Grey Unit by Zuidema Septic ServiceSatellite Grey Portable Toilets by Zuidema Septic Service


Portable restrooms require portable sinks, and the “Sink on Wheels” is a great all-purpose portable handwashing sink unit for all occasions. The HandStand comes complete with convenient hands-free foot pump operation, soap and paper towels dispensers, and a sizable wash basin.

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Bravo Station

Available in heated and non-heated models, the Bravo Station is a compact and well-designed handwashing station that is perfect for any setting. It comes with lift handles that make it easy to move, so it’s a practical choice even for large and busy events in Ridgewood.

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