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If you have a septic tank or cesspool at your home, you know the critical role these systems play in removing sanitary waste from your house. However, it’s easy to forget this until something goes wrong. At Zuidema Septic Service, we are here to help you ensure your system is well-maintained, so you don’t realize it too late when there’s already an issue. We provide a variety of cesspool and septic tank services in New York and New Jersey, including inspections, maintenance, and repairs. Our team will ensure your system is ready to perform for your home so that you won’t have any disasters. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule an appointment.

We Offer Cesspool & Septic Tank Inspections

Before buying a property, you must have it inspected by a professional for any safety issues or conditions that may decrease value. You wouldn’t buy a home without first making sure it didn’t have termites, mold, or other problems. So why would you buy one without inspecting the septic tank? The answer is you shouldn’t. Just as you would examine a potential home for plumbing or electrical problems, you should also check it for septic issues. The team at Zuidema Septic Service can complete both septic tank and cesspool inspections for your potential New York or New Jersey real estate purchase. A standard property inspector will not have the advanced knowledge of sanitary waste systems that our team does, ensuring you get a reliable answer about the current state of the system. Know you’re making a sound investment with the help of our team. Our inspections include:

  • Checking the baffles and sewage flow from the structure
  • Performing a volume water test
  • Checking the condition of the top and lids on the tank for leaks or cracks
  • Providing a complete and detailed list of our findings
  • Recommendation of repairs or replacements for each of the issues discovered
  • Complete tank pumping services and camera work upon request

Why Your System Needs an Inspection

Septic tanks and cesspools are an essential part of any property. Not to mention, potential problems with these systems can result in costly repairs. Regardless of whether the home has a septic tank or cesspool, it should be inspected before you decide to purchase the property. Our team will ensure you have all the information you need before you make your decision. An inspection of these sanitary waste systems is essential for the following reasons:

  • Identifies Problems Early: If there are any problems with the system, you’ll know before you purchase, so you can budget for the repairs or decide to move on to a different property.
  • Potentially Saves Money: A septic inspection can save you money by identifying issues with the system that will require expensive repairs. This allows you to use the information as a bargaining tool to negotiate a lower purchase price or move on to a property that won’t require additional costs.
  • Peace of Mind: Buying real estate is a large investment. You don’t want to make the wrong choice and end up regretting it because you didn’t have all the information. With a septic inspection, you’ll gain peace of mind knowing that this part of the home is in good shape.

Advanced Camera-Assisted Inspections

Because septic tanks and cesspools are buried underground, you need special equipment to properly inspect their condition. At Zuidema Septic Service, we use advanced camera equipment to get an up-close look at your system. During the process, we use a digital camera that we attach to the end of an extendable pole or cable to do a complete visual inspection of every portion of the system. We send the camera through the tank as well as the drain field to get a good look at every component and drain line looking for the potential of future problems, like buildup, cracked pipes, or tree root invasion.

Cleaning & Maintaining Your System is a Necessity

In addition to our inspection services, we also help to maintain your system through regular septic tank cleaning and maintenance services. Regular cleaning by our expert team will help the system to work more efficiently and will also remove any buildup to prevent clogs. If, for any reason, your system is neglected and does become clogged, even if only partially, we also offer high-pressure hydro jetting services to clear the blockage and restore function to your system. Small maintenance tasks like these will help to ensure your system stays in good condition and help to prevent costly septic tank repairs or replacements.

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If you have additional questions about our septic tank and cesspool inspection, maintenance, or repair services, please reach out to our team today. We can provide you with the necessary information and schedule you an appointment. Let us help you protect this important feature of your home.

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