Why Choose Zuidema Septic

Septic and Portable Toilet Service in Midland Park, New Jersey

When looking for a business-for whatever services you may need-you want to find a group that is reliable and efficient in their trade. For those who are looking for septic tank services in New Jersey, we have just that to offer you. Having been in business for nearly a century, we have the experience and the skill that you need for the job. At Zuidema, we view every customer as important, which is why we aim to provide same day service when we receive a phone call with a septic concern. Whether you are looking for a pumping, maintenance, or simple inspection, our team is ready to help you instantly.

What Zuidema Septic Service Offers Our Customers

  • Almost a century of experience
  • Family owned & operated business
  • Environmentally friendly disposal processes
  • Clean equipment & service representatives
  • Around-the-clock availability for emergency service
  • Two way dispatch radio
  • Courteous & attentive staff
  • Large septic plumbing and maintenance fleet

What Sets Us Apart

If you are in need of septic tank pumping or cleaning, or a number of other services, why should you choose Zuidema and not another company? Our company offers services unlike any other. We are a family run business that has been serving our community since 1919-for four generations. Not only do we support a number of local programs in the area, such as little league baseball, school associations, etc., but we are also highly certified for our area of trade.

Zuidema Septic Service holds these qualifications:

  • New Jersey Health Specialist B0258
  • NY DEC License NJ533
  • NJ & NY DEP License 02991

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any and all of your septic and cesspool services, day or night. You can contact us by calling 888-901-7392 or by booking your appointment online to receive an additional $10 off any of our services.

Your Local Septic Experts

  • Two Way Dispatch Radio
  • Family Owned & Operated
  • Serving New Jersey Since 1919
  • Environmentally Friendly Disposal
  • Courteous & Attentive to Your Needs
  • 24/7 Emergency Septic & Cesspool Service
  • Large Septic Pumping & Maintenance Fleet
  • Clean Equipment & Service Representatives

Contact Us Now

For all your service and repair needs, we are here to help.