The Importance of Proper Commercial Grease Disposal

Zuidema Septic Service

Commercial grease traps in Midland Park and throughout Bergen County help dining establishments maintain a safe and sanitary kitchen area. The grease trap won’t hold an infinite amount of grease though, so you’ll need to work with your plumbing services to dispose of your grease in the safest and most responsible way possible. Check out this video clip for a quick look at the importance of proper commercial grease disposal.

When you consider how to dispose of your commercial grease properly, the last idea that should come to mind is dumping your grease down the drain. This is illegal in certain areas and is not a safe nor environmentally-friendly practice, and it can also harm your plumbing system. Failing to dispose of your grease can set your kitchen up for a grease fire, which can be a disaster for your business and a problem for your workers and customers.

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