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Luxury Portable Toilet Rentals

Zuidema Septic Service specializes in providing all different types of portable toilets for a wide array of events, available for various amounts of time. Portable toilet rentals are great for special occasions, corporate events, and work sites, ensuring there is a clean, private space for the needs of guests or employees. Contact Zuidema Septic Service today to request a quote!

Portable Toilets in NY & NJ

How Portable Toilets Work

A portable toilet is a way to provide bathroom functionality in a place without built-in restrooms. The team at Zuidema Septic Service delivers portable toilets throughout New York and New Jersey. Simply put, the portable toilet holds human waste until it can be properly and safely disposed of. When no longer needed, the team will return to pick up the portable toilets and take care of the waste they have collected.

Types of Portable Toilets

Zuidema Septic Service rents a wide variety of portable toilet types, depending on the details of the event or work site. Offerings include:

  • Standard Restroom – Perfect for any occasion or work site, this restroom provides a clean, private space for guests and employees.
  • Deluxe Restroom With Sink – A step up from a standard restroom, this luxury portable toilet has a sink built right in for an enhanced experience.
  • High Rise Restroom – Created with a low profile design, these restrooms are easy to load in and out of any type of work site. They also fit in a freight elevator for quick and easy delivery.
  • Handicap Restroom – This wheelchair-accessible restroom is more than 16 square feet with a self-closing door and interior handrails.
  • Crane Lift Restroom – Designed for workers in roofing and high-rise construction that don’t have traditional restrooms onsite. This restroom can be lifted and safely placed wherever it needs to go.
  • Single Unit Trailer – For teams that are always on the move, this restroom is mounted on a small single-axle trailer to provide a comfortable restroom at any job site.

In addition to portable toilets, Zuidema Septic Service also rents sinks and fresh water systems. Sinks and fresh water systems can be rented to accompany portable toilets, creating a more sanitary experience for guests and employees.

Standard Restroom
Handicap Restroom
Handicap Restroom
Deluxe Restroom With Sink
Deluxe Restroom With Sink
Crane Lift Restroom
High Rise Restroom
High Rise Restroom
Single Unit Trailer
Fresh Water Systems

Zuidema Septic Service’s Portable Restrooms: What to Expect

Zuidema Septic Service has been serving New York and New Jersey since 1919. With over 100 years in the industry, customers can expect only the best from our dedicated team, including:

Clean Equipment

All portable toilets are extensively cleaned and sanitized, providing a hygienic and safe restroom for events and work sites.

Excellent Customer Service

Our team of experts is proud to offer prompt, courteous customer service with a strong commitment to customer care.

Competitive Pricing

Portable toilets, restrooms, and sinks are available at affordable daily, weekly, or monthly rates with complimentary weekly cleaning and all monthly packages.

Choose Zuidema Septic Service

Clean equipment, excellent customer service, and competitive pricing are just some of the reasons why Zuidema Septic Service is a great choice for your upcoming portable toilet rental. Our team can drop off and pick up portable toilets throughout New York and New Jersey, for special events, work sites, and more. Contact Zuidema Septic Service today to request a quote!

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