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Septic & Cesspool Inspection 

Just as you have new property inspected for termites, mold, or potentially harmful conditions, so should you have your septic and cesspool tanks inspected before moving yourself or others onto the site. At Zuidema Septic Services & Portable Toilets, we encourage buyers and sellers to have their septic tanks inspected before purchasing new property. There could be a number of present issues that need to be addressed; our team is prepared to help you find those problems and repair or replace as necessary.
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Septic tank inspection by Zuidema Septic Service in New York and New Jersey

Septic Tank Inspection

Like any home system, septic tanks require regular maintenance, cleaning, and repairs. If you’re considering purchasing a property that contains a grease trap or septic tank in Bergen County, scheduling a septic tank inspection will provide you with the valuable information you need about your new septic system. The experienced professionals at Zuidema Septic Services & Portable Toilets are pleased to offer camera-assisted septic tank and grease trap real estate inspections as part of our comprehensive septic tank services throughout Bergen County.

What Do Our Inspections Include?

  • Inspectors will open the tank and check the baffles & sewage flow from the current structure
  • We may perform a volume water test
  • The condition of the top & lids on the tank will be evaluated for leaks or cracks
  • We provide the property buyer or seller with a detailed list of our findings
  • We also provide a list of recommendations for the repairs or replacements of each of the issues discovered
  • We offer complete tank pumping services and camera work upon request

Camera-Assisted Septic Tank Inspections

Septic systems are by nature largely buried underground. This can make visual inspection difficult or impossible without the aid of specialized tools. Today, camera-assisted septic tank inspection methods have revolutionized the efficacy of this task by allowing your septic professional to visually inspect every portion of the system carefully and thoroughly. During this process, a digital camera is sent through your entire septic system and drain field via an extendable pole or cable. This provides unparalleled visualization of every component and drain line in your septic system so your septic professional can completely assess your system and identify the smallest potential for future problems, including buildup, cracked pipes, and tree root invasion.
septic tank diagram
typical domestic septic tank system diagram

Why You Need a Septic Tank Inspection

Before you buy a home or commercial property, it’s important to know the state of every system you are purchasing. A septic tank or grease trap plays a vital role in the overall performance of your plumbing system and your property’s health and safety conditions. Because your septic tank is buried underground, a professional inspection is needed to thoroughly assess its condition, maintenance history, and likely future performance.

Determine the Condition

Even if you have already scheduled a property inspection prior to purchase, a separate septic tank inspection is necessary. Property inspectors are not plumbing or septic experts and may only check the visible portions of your septic tank to ensure it appears to be in good repair. However, this cursory check will reveal very little about the actual state of the system, thus necessitating a dedicated septic tank inspection to determine the condition of your grease trap or septic tank.

Discover Potential Problems

Septic tank problems are easy to avoid, but often costly to repair. You don’t want to move into a new property only to have to immediately consider major septic tank repair or even full system replacement. Scheduling a septic tank inspection prior to purchase will alert you to potential problems with the system that you can address with the seller before you obtain ownership of the property.

Septic & Sewer Inspections in Passaic, Bergen, Morris, Sussex, & Rockland Counties

You can find out more about camera-assisted septic inspections or schedule septic tank services for your property by calling Zuidema Septic Services & Portable Toilets at 888-418-8304.

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