• Renting Portable Toilets for a Job Site

    When you have to go, you have to go, but what happens if the nearest septic tank near Ridgewood in Bergen County is miles away? If you work in construction or a related industry, you and your team might need a portable toilet so you can relieve yourselves while on the job. Fortunately, you can talk to your professional septic inspection service about portable restroom rentals. Today’s portable toilets offer you all kinds of different options, so think about your team when making a decision. Read on for more on renting portable toilets for a job site.

    You might not have access to a permanent facility, but you can’t be expected to refrain from going to the bathroom throughout the entire day. If you and your team are undergoing a construction project and won’t have access to a bathroom, you can always rent a portable toilet from your septic service professionals. In addition to making life easier on your workers, renting a portable toilet can also keep your operation as productive as possible. If your workers have a portable toilet to use, they won’t have to spend any time looking around for somewhere to go when nature inevitably calls.

    Renting Portable Toilets

  • Reasons to Choose Zuidema Septic Service for Your Portable Toilets

    There are plenty of occasions that could call for a portable toilet, but you should make sure you work with professional septic tank service companies near Wyckoff in Bergen County. The septic inspection professionals at Zuidema Septic Service handle portable toilets in addition to commercial grease traps and septic tank repair. Our industry experience, dedication to our community, and respect for the environment are elements to consider when making a decision. Feel free to read ahead for a few reasons to choose Zuidema Septic Service for your portable toilets.

    Years of Experience Zuidema

    Whether you hire a septic inspection service for septic tank repair or for renting portable toilets, you always want to find the most trustworthy service that you can. This means you should look for a septic inspection company with plenty of experience in the industry. If you live in Bergen County, you might want to talk to the professionals at Zuidema Septic Service. We’ve spent almost a century handling septic inspection, septic tank repair, and portable toilets, so we know just what you need. We can help you choose the right portable toilet so you can make the most of your upcoming event.

    Commitment to Customer Service

    You don’t last in the industry by making enemies, which is why it’s been our goal at Zuidema Septic Service to make friends. We do this by respecting the people we work with, and that includes both business partners and customers. If you are in need of a portable toilet for your event, you can feel free to talk to any of our qualified team members, and they would be happy to help you in any way possible. Whether you’re interested in understanding the benefits of a portable toilet or wondering which model is best for your needs, we’re here to help.

    Environmentally-Friendly Practices

    At Zuidema Septic Service, we understand the importance of environmental responsibility, and we’re fully on board with the cause. We’re happy to work with you to reduce our collective carbon footprint and leave the planet happier and healthier for those who have yet to live on it.

  • Easy Septic System Maintenance Tips

    You should regularly have a professional come over for septic inspection near Midland Park or Bergen County, but you should also know how to take care of your septic tank on your own. Maintaining your septic tank helps keep it in top shape. Watch this video for some easy septic system maintenance tips.

    The better you maintain your septic tank, the more efficiently you can expect your plumbing system to work. It’s a good idea to mark the location of your septic tank so it’s easy to find for maintenance. Make sure the lid is closed to keep animals and rainwater out, and check for any cracks in it as well. Take a look every now and then to see if you might need pumping, and keep a log of every time you do have your septic tank pumped. It’s best to have your septic tank pumped every 3 to 5 years.

  • Can Your Event Use a Portable Toilet?

    Hosting an event is exciting, but there’s a lot to consider. Even if there’s not an accessible septic tank near Ridgewood in Bergen County, you will still need somewhere for your guests to go. This is why you should enlist the services of your septic inspection company to rent a portable toilet. How many toilets you’ll want for your outdoor event depends on how many people you expect to attend. You can then choose the right model based on how much you want to pamper your attendees. Keep reading to see if your event can use a portable toilet.

    You’re Hosting an Outdoor Event Portable Toilet

    Outdoor events in the backyard are great for weddings, anniversaries, and even work events, if you have the space for it. If you’d rather play it safe and not need to worry about septic tank repair after your event, it’s a good idea to invest in a portable toilet. Your septic inspection professional can help you choose the perfect portable toilet for your event, and it can work wonders when it comes to sparing your indoor facilities.

    Many People Will Attend

    If you are hosting an event with a long guest list, you’re probably already swamped when it comes to planning. You want to make sure you cover all of your bases though, and you’ll need to make sure there are facilities for everyone. You might be able to get away with using the indoor toilet if you’re simply having a birthday party in your backyard, but you’ll probably need to do a little extra preparing for larger events. The more people you expect to attend your event, the more portable toilets you should have. Having a long line in front of your one portable toilet won’t be too different than having a line out the door for your indoor restroom.

    You Want to Pamper Your Guests

    Your septic inspection professional can offer plenty of options when you look into portable toilets. If you want to make sure your guests are as comfortable as possible at your event, go for spacious models with extra amenities.

  • Fixing Your Septic Tank with Hydro Jetting

    Septic system failure can be a messy problem, and ongoing maintenance is crucial if you want to promote the system’s longevity and function. For this reason, regularly having your septic tank inspected and pumped can help prevent its failure. However, spotting the signs of a failing system can help prevent a small issue from worsening. If you notice sewage backing up through your drains, slow-draining sinks, a sewage smell in your home, or gurgling sounds from your pipes, then your septic tank near Wyckoff may benefit from hydro jetting .

    Hydro jetting is a cost-effective way of repairing a failing septic system. In some cases, hydro jetting can clear blockages in the lines and prevent the need for more significant repairs. Using highly pressurized water, hydro jetting has the potential to remove buildup in your drain lines and septic tank to restore the system to like-new conditions. If you’re experiencing problems with your septic tank, then hydro jetting may offer you an ideal solution.

    Hydro Jetting

  • How Are Grease Traps Cleaned?

    Grease trap cleaning is a service offered by many plumbing and septic tank maintenance companies that is important for keeping grease out of commercial drains. Are you in need of cleaning for your grease trap in Ridgewood ? If so, then watch this video to see how the process works.

    First, the grease trap’s lid is removed. Then, a colander is placed in a bucket, and a scoop is used to skin the surface of the liquid in the grease trap. By skimming the top, grease that is floating on the surface can be collected and disposed of. Then, the colander and bucket can be used to separate the remaining solid waste from the water.

  • Common Causes of Septic System Failures

    Do you have a septic tank system near Ridgewood ? If so, then you may realize that maintaining it can be essential for its long-term effectiveness. If you’re looking for ways to help keep your septic system in good condition, then knowing what you should avoid is important. Read on to learn about some common causes of septic system failures.

    An Overloaded Water System Common Causes of Septic System Failures

    When a household generates more wastewater than its septic system is designed to handle, this can cause sewage to seep up to the surface of the soil or back up into the home through drains. This is because the liquid is forced to go somewhere if too much water enters the system at once. Running multiple appliances at one time, having leaky toilets, or performing consecutive loads of laundry can overload the septic tank’s water system and lead to failure.

    Physical Damage to the System

    When too much pressure is put on the soil over your septic system, this can shift or crush pipes and compact the soil. Common causes of this type of problem are parking, driving, or performing construction over the system. Also, tree roots can cause physical damage to the system, so plant grass and shrubs in the area, rather than trees.

    A Lack of Maintenance

    Scheduling regular septic inspections is critical for the ongoing performance of the system. Most households need a septic inspection every 3 years and to have their septic tank pumped every 3 to 5 years. A lack of maintenance can allow small problems to become significant ones and lead to failure.

    Poor Design or Construction

    When installed or designed improperly, a septic system is doomed from the outset. Some common construction and design problems that are seen in failed septic systems include installation in impermeable soils, inadequate sizing, poor construction, soil layers that are too thin, and grading that is too steep for the system to perform correctly. Finally, installing a septic system when the soil is oversaturated with moisture or compacted after home construction can lead to its failure later.

  • A Guide to Basic Septic System Maintenance for New Homeowners

    When properly designed and cared for, a septic tank can offer effective and long-term treatment for household wastewater. As a homeowner, you are responsible for maintaining your property’s septic system, so if you are new to septic tank maintenance in Midland Park , then refer to this guide for some helpful information.

    Schedule Frequent Inspections Septic System Maintenance

    For the average household’s septic system, septic inspections should be conducted about every 3 years. During these evaluations, the inspector will check the system for signs of problems and let you know if your tank is due for pumping, which is typically needed every 3 to 5 years. Septic inspections are important for identifying any leaks and examining the sludge and scum layers in the tank.

    Practice Water Efficiency

    The amount of wastewater that your household generates can affect the health of your septic system, and trying to use less water for everyday activities may help extend the life of your septic system, reduce the chances of it failing, and improve its operation. To use less water, you should have your plumbing regularly checked for problems like leaky toilets, switch to high-efficiency toilets, and replace your old faucets and showerheads with models designed for water efficiency. Also, you should avoid doing several loads of laundry in a single day to help maintain your septic system.

    Mind Your Drains

    One way to cause problems for your septic system is to put things down your drains that you shouldn’t. Items like diapers, condoms, feminine hygiene products, dental floss, cat litter, paper towels, coffee grounds, and cigarette butts should not go down your toilets. Anything that you flush that isn’t human waste, water, or toilet paper may become trapped in the system and damage its components. Another mistake to avoid is using more water than you need to by washing small loads of laundry in large-load cycles. Finally, things like oil, grease, household chemicals, antifreeze, paint, and gasoline can stress your septic system and should not be allowed down your drains.

  • Understanding Septic and Cesspool Systems

    Cesspools and septic tank systems in Ridgewood, Midland Park, and the rest of Bergen County are popular choices when it comes to handling household waste. The proper functioning of these systems keep your home sanitary and comfortable, and their malfunctions can cause significant damages. This is why you need to stay on top of their maintenance requirements, starting with routine septic tank inspections done by a professional septic tank company. Feel free to keep reading if you are interested in gaining a better understanding of septic and cesspool systems.

    What They Do Septic and Cesspool

    Septic systems and cesspools are both used to handle your plumbing waste. You can find them underground in your yard, where they work to filter your waste and prepare it to be introduced back into the environment. Waste separates into 3 layers inside the septic tank, and you’ll need regular septic tank inspections to see if your system needs to be pumped. The 3 layers consist of a bottom layer of sludge, a middle layer of liquid effluent, and a top layer called scum. Waste from the middle layer travels from one side of the septic tank to the other through a baffle, and then it moves out into the drain field.

    Why They Are Important

    A working cesspool or septic tank is essential if your home is not connected to the public sewage system. These systems give the waste you flush down your toilet and rinse down your sink somewhere to go, and they even offer an environmentally-friendly way to bring them back to the outside world. Faulty systems can lead to backups and the water damage and sanitation issues that may result.

    How to Maintain Them

    You typically don’t have to do all that much to maintain your septic tank, but septic inspections are important. During a septic tank inspection, your plumbing professional will come over and check the levels inside your tank. If the sludge layer is too high and the system is reaching capacity, it may be time to pump it. This prevents the septic system from overflowing and allows it to continue working properly.

  • Spotlight on the Advantages of Septic Systems

    Everybody needs to do something with their waste, and many choose septic tank systems near Midland Park to take on the responsibility. As long as you work with a reliable septic tank inspection and repair company and stick to a service plan , this option may be perfect for your household. You won’t have to do anything to your septic systems too frequently, and yet your tank should last for years. Using a septic system can also be an environmentally-friendly plumbing solution, so you can leave a smaller carbon footprint behind in addition to the convenience. Read ahead as we shine the spotlight on the advantages of septic systems.

    Easy to Maintain Septic Systems

    Septic tank inspection is the cornerstone of septic tank maintenance, but there is good news: You can have your septic tank inspection professionals take care of this while you sit comfortably inside. If you do want to keep a closer eye on your septic systems, you can perform light septic tank inspections by yourself. All you’ll need to do is find and open the lid to the system and check the levels to see if it’s time for septic tank pumping. Again, you won’t be the one doing the actual pumping, which makes maintenance easy on the owner.

    Durable and Affordable

    A septic tank is a giant box that lies underground in your yard, so one would hope that this type of investment lasts for a long while, as you won’t want to replace it often. With routine septic inspections, you can make sure that your septic tank lasts for decades. If you don’t already have pipes connecting your home to the public sewage system, it may also be cheaper to install a septic tank than to have new pipes installed. Keep in mind that the price of septic tank installation varies based on size and conditions.


    One of the best aspects of septic systems is their natural filtering methods. Your system will cut down on pollution by filtering the wastewater before, during, and after it is released into the drain field.