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high power jetting

High-Pressure Hydro-Jetting in New York & New Jersey

Fully- or even partially clogged drain lines can affect the performance of your septic tank, translating into plumbing problems for your home. Hydro-jetting is a solution that uses high-pressure jets of water to clear out problematic drain lines, restoring the full function of your septic system. If you are experiencing drainage problems with your septic system, Zuidema Septic Service & Portable Toilets offers high pressure hydro jetting near Bergen County in addition to our many other septic tank services.

Signs Your Septic System Is Failing

Blockages in the lines that lead to or from your septic tank can cause drainage issues in your yard and plumbing problems in your home. Knowing the signs that your septic tank needs attention will ensure that you act fast to minimize damage and discomfort caused by clogged lines and septic field problems.


Backups are typically the first and most obvious sign of septic tank troubles. If you notice wastewater backing up into your home through drains, toilets, or other plumbing appliances, contact a professional for a septic tank inspection as soon as possible.

Home Plumbing Issues

Other home plumbing issues caused by septic system troubles include slowly-draining toilets, sinks, and tubs, gurgling pipes, and a persistent smell of sewage in your home.

Soggy Drain Field

Check your drain field regularly to assess the condition of your soil. If you notice that the drain field appears soggy or contains puddles and standing water, emits a foul smell, or has areas of extreme plant growth, one or more of your septic drain field lines may be clogged.

Benefits of Hydro Jetting

Hydro jetting is typically reserved as an alternative to more expensive septic tank repair options if your septic system appears to be failing. If you’d like to learn more about hydro jetting and septic tank cleaning in Bergen County, contact Zuidema Septic Service & Portable Toilets today by calling 888-901-7392.


Hydro-jetting is a cost-effective septic tank repair option. If your septic system is failing, hydro jetting may be able to clear the lines and prevent the need for more extensive—and expensive—repairs. Hydro jetting is typically one-fourth to one-eighth of the cost of replacing your entire septic system.

Restore Your System

The use of highly-pressurized water during hydro jetting will completely remove any and all buildup from your septic tank and drain lines. When performed properly, hydro jetting can restore your septic system to like-new conditions and even make it harder for debris to accumulate a second time.

Versatile Repair Option

Hydro-jetting is a versatile and highly customizable repair option. Your septic professional can use hydro jetting to address only small areas of your pipes if necessary, maintaining the integrity of sections that may be more vulnerable to high-pressure jets.

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