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Get Fresh Water at Your Construction Site Today

In addition to providing portable toilet rentals and septic service for your construction site in New Jersey, Zuidema Septic Service & Portable Toilets also offers fresh water systems. Now you can get fresh water anywhere, without having to tie into city water and sewage lines. Our team offers self-contained portable water systems, so your site has the necessary connections your trailer requires. In addition to the unit, you’ll also need to have it serviced to ensure optimal operation. Our experienced team can provide daily or weekly service, replenishing your water supply, evacuating the waste tank, and inspecting all elements to make sure they’re in proper working order. Learn more about our fresh water systems and get in touch with us for a quote.

Fresh water system in New Jersey and New York


  • Fits any office trailer
  • Fresh water is 95 gallons
  • Operates on electricity
  • 250-gallon waste holding tank
  • Perfect for any location without water or sewer
  • Installation included
  • Water Tank Specifications Diameter: 23″ Height: 60″
  • Holding Tank Specifications Height: 18″ Width: 56″ Length: 94″

How Our Fresh Water Systems Work

Here’s how the units operate:

Supply Tank

Choose from different sized tanks that act as a reservoir. The tank is positioned on the outside of your trailer, protected from the elements. The supply tank is discreetly mounted inside an insulated box.

Water Pump

The water pump maintains water pressure throughout your entire trailer. It operates on demand and is exceptionally quiet.

Holding Tank

Our drivers can access the holding tank each week to service it. Holding tanks are stored out of sight inside a service box, preventing unwanted tampering and keeping it out of public view.

Providing All Your Fresh Water & Portable Toilet Needs

In addition to fresh water systems, we also offer portable toilets for any site. Our septic service is second-to-none, and we’ve been serving the New Jersey area for more than 100 years. Call us now to know more.

24/7 Emergency Scheduling & Service