Commercial Grease Trapping for Your Restaurant

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During peak restaurant hours, the idea of conducting any sort of maintenance is easily a bad idea. In fact, it would probably lose you customers if they knew that there was a plumber or a sewage cleaner in the back working at the same time their food was being cooked. Because restaurants often can’t afford to shut down during peak hours for services, our team at Zuidema Septic Service offers around-the-clock service for your commercial grease trapping needs.

What is grease trapping?

Grease traps are used in kitchens and act as a container for the wastewater that comes down the drains before it goes into the sewers. The reason that the trap can separate the grease from the water is because the common kitchen oils and fats tend to be at least 10% or more dense than water and cannot mix with water. Therefore, grease will float on the water’s surface and the trap will keep it from flowing into the sewers. These traps, however, can only hold so much grease before they need cleaned out, which is when Zuidema Septic Service comes in.

Grease Trap Service in New York and New Jersey
We also offer other grease services including:

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