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Commercial Grease Trap Cleaning for Your Restaurant

Conducting any type of sewage or septic maintenance during your peak breakfast, lunch, or dinner service hours is easily a bad idea. In fact, your restaurant would probably lose customers if they knew there was a plumber or a sewage cleaner in the back working at the same time as you’re cooking and preparing their food. Because restaurants can’t afford to shut down their kitchens during their most profitable hours, our team at Zuidema Septic Service & Portable Toilets offers around-the-clock service for your commercial grease trapping needs. We come to you outside of your service hours and ensure your grease trap stays clean and healthy. All of our grease services are also environmentally friendly.

grease trap

What Is a Grease Trap?

Grease traps are used in kitchens and act as a container for the water, scraps, grease, incidental trash, and more coming down kitchen drains before it heads into the sewers. Oils and fats from cooking, which make up kitchen grease, are heavier than the water. Grease is at least if not more than 10% denser than water, and this weight differential is what allows it to stay separate in the trap. Therefore, grease will float on the water’s surface, and the trap will keep it from flowing into the sewers. Solid food and other objects will settle at the bottom and not get taken with the water. These traps, however, can only hold so much grease before they need to get cleaned out, which is when Zuidema Septic Service & Portable Toilets comes in for assistance. We also offer other grease services, including:

Zuidema Septic Service & Portable Toilets Offers Grease Trap Pumping

When your grease trap reaches its limit, it needs to be pumped correctly and rather quickly. Improper or delayed grease trap pumping services can lead to more prolonged and more expensive services down the road. Once it’s full, it can longer take in grease, water, and other waste which can lead to flooding and other backup issues. You won’t be able to properly dispose of this waste which can get you into trouble with the health department. No matter when you need your grease trap pumped, Zuidema Septic Service & Portable Toilets has your back. Please contact our office today at 888-901-7392 to set up your commercial grease trap appointment.

Zuidema’s 24/7 Grease Trap Services

Don’t wait until your grease trap becomes an issue and have it regularly cleaned. Call today or use our online form to schedule your appointments and stay ahead of the problem. Zuidema Septic Service & Portable Toilets has been around almost as long as the grease trap and have perfected our services, which is why we can help whenever you need us! We train our team on all the best practices to ensure quality, fast, and efficient grease trap and other septic services. Zuidema Septic Service & Portable Toilets will even provide porta potty services should we need to shut down your bathroom for additional repairs.

24/7 Emergency Scheduling & Service